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Mikolaj´s 10k in Anun marathon -19



November 2016. Athens. I was in a long trip through the Europe. One of my pitstops was in Athens Marathon after which I need to do some laundry before further journey. While I was waiting for my clothes I stepped to a coffeehouse and I saw there a couple in t-shirts from Athens Marathon. We started to talk and it did't took them more then 10 minutes to invite me to Finland for 50 miles Anun Marathon. After this short conversation we made plans and in 2017 I did my first (and only) ultra run. In 2017 we had a chance to meet once more when Anu, Markus and Don Jarmo visited me and we run together Poznan Marathon. Year 2018 was very special for me because it was a wedding year and fortunately Anu&Markus honored us with their appearance! Finally in 2019 a week before Anun Marathon I decided that I need to meet my Finish friends again and become a first visitor staying for a night in their new house.

Happy finishers after Poznan marathon
Kinga & Mikolaj 💕


Whole week before coming to Finland was quite busy for me and unfortunately I did't have chance to rest properly and start in my best shape. Moreover on Wednesday I took part in 800m track race which seemed to be quite exhausting for my muscles. Anyway I knew that I have to give all I have. There was Juhani waiting for me and somehow a small battle Finland vs Poland was arranged I spent my time in Sorva before the race mainly on recovering. On Friday I was happy to take part in marking route run with Team Rahola. That was also a chance to get familiar with all ascents and descents on the course. At that moment I realized it gonna be very demanding race.


I woke up around 6AM and I did all my routines that brings me luck  About 8AM I get to starting point (thanks to Don Jarmo). I had some time to drink coffee and relax. 40 minutes before final countdown I started my warm up and finally with a lot of respect but also with self confidence I stand on start line with a plan not only to win but also to establish a new 10k event record. I started with a strong pace 3:30 but Juhani made me even to speed up and first 500m we did with crazy pace around 3:15  Fortunately after this insane start we slowed down a bit. I heard that Juhani is breathing heavily and staying behind me but there was still one competitor just on my back. He kept chasing me till 4th kilometer where the steepest uphill was waiting for us. I decided to keep the pace and rhythm. That occurred to be my winning strategy because I wanted (successfully) to show that today I'm the strongest one. From that point I was running alone just controlling pace, my heart rate and making sure that no one is closing to me  On last kilometers I knew that I'm going to win so I focused only on a new record on finish line  (37:45). What was the most important for me along whole route there we people from Team Rahola supporting me (and the others). Even though they thought I don't see them I was just very focused on my race but I saw and heard them what gave me extra energy! Only thing I missed on that race was water on drinking stations  (I couldn't catch any) but fortunately it did't change the final result.

Gold medalist and new 10k race record holder, mr. Skibinski


The biggest award was waiting for me in the evening. There was party organized in Anu&Markus backyard with all friends from Team Rahola where we had a chance to talk and organize next races together. I spent wonderful time in Finland with my people that in spite of fact we met only few times are one of my best friends.


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